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Five Questions You Should Ask a Flight School before Enrolling

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After finally deciding to pursue your dream to become an airline pilot, the next step would be to look for the flight school who will help you achieve your dream to fly. Choosing the right flight school is no easy task as schools will be showing only the bright side of their institution.

So to help you decide on where to enroll, always ask these five questions to your dream flight school:

  1. How much will the training cost and are there payment and discount schemes?

Some schools will offer the lowest rate to lure you to join them but in flight training, you always get what you pay for. Know the cost of the flight training and dwell into the details like the total simulator hours, flight training hours and ground school hours. Know what materials and other services that are inclusive of your tuition. And finally, ask for a discount and a more flexible payment scheme.

  1. How are flights scheduled and what aircraft are used for training?

A school’s flight operations is very important. You should know how the school schedule its students for flight training to ensure that you get the training continuity that you need to maximize your time in training.

Knowing what aircraft the school use is also important. Old aircrafts are prone to frequent repair which would be a cause of delay for your flight training.

  1. Where will you fly?

Knowing what airports your flight school is accredited to fly is important. Flying on community runways will sharpen your take-off and landing ability while commercial runways will teach you to communicate properly with the ATC.

  1. Who runs the maintenance of the training fleet?

Pilots are always required to do pre-flight check of the aircraft. Having a reputable Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) will always give you a secured feeling during you flight training.

  1. Is there a support given to struggling students when it comes to flight performance?

Your training may encounter some turbulence along the way. Know how the school supports students who are not performing well during their training so they can cope with the training pace. Look for dedicated instructors who are willing approachable and are patient enough to properly guide you on your dream to become a pilot.

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