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Mobile Apps for Pilot Trainees

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As a pilot aspirant, there are a lot of new tools available online that can be highly useful when learning to fly and will help you all throughout your flight training. These tools can be accessed through different mobile devices.

Here are some of the useful mobile apps for student pilots that can make understanding theories and flight planning much easier by providing information with just one click.

  1. Flight Computer Sim – for practicing analog flight computer

  2. Nav Trainer Pro – practice tool for radio navigation aids for students in more advanced phases – CPL, IR

  3. Windy: wind & weather forecast – used for weather planning

  4. NOAH PH – used for monitoring and tracking weather disturbances, and their corresponding hazards

  5. Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker – for students in advanced phases to observe IFR flight paths

  6. Simionic G1000 (PFD) – this app emulates G1000 primary flight display(PFD) functionalities

  7. LiveATC Air Radio – used for monitoring radio communications around the world.
These mobile apps can guide aspiring pilots in their training, but it is important not to solely rely on these alone. Pilots need to train hard, study well and fly more to become a fully qualified pilot. First Aviation Academy trains students to be a qualified airline pilot.

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