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What is the Best Age for Pilot Training in the Philippines?

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The best age for pilot training can vary depending on the individual and their goals. However, in general, the earlier someone begins training, the more time they will have to gain experience and advance in their career.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has set the minimum age for a private pilot’s license at 18 years old. However, many airlines have a minimum age requirement of 21 for new-hire pilots and some even have a minimum age of 23.

Starting at a young age also allows for more time to complete the necessary flight hours and licenses to become a commercial pilot. The total time to become a commercial pilot may take time so it is better to start early.

It is worth noting that age is not the only factor to consider when thinking about pilot training in the Philippines. Factors like physical and mental health, ability to comprehend and pass the examinations and financial stability also play a vital role.

Overall the best time to start pilot training is the age when the aspirant is physically and mentally ready, financially stable, and has a clear understanding of the commitment that becoming a pilot entails.

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