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Air Transport Pilot Training Program

The Air Transport Pilot Training (ATPT) Program is an airline cadetship program to provide highly focused ab-initio pilot training for individuals that are preparing for careers in flying commercial airplanes. This program is designed primarily for airlines globally.

Graduates from FAA will have completed a Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Rating (MER), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Ground Theory and Jet Orientation Training (JOT).

They will also have more hours flying a multi engine aircraft compared with any other flight school in the Philippines and enjoy a comprehensive pilot training curriculum that will serve as their bridge to entering a career in the airline industry.


Students at First Aviation Academy will be able to use state-of-the-art planes and simulators that are the industry standard when it comes to pilot training.

Tecnam P2010
Tecnam P2006T
Redbird MCX