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How to apply?

Prospective students can fill-up the Application Form and submit all required documents at info@firstaviationacademy.com. Please note that applicants are still required to submit the documents in person.

What are the eligibility criteria?

At least 18 years old (16 years old is allowed provided their parents will sign a Student Pilot Authorization Form, and they must be 17 years old at the PPL checkride), preferably a graduate of any 3 to 4-year course leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. Must pass the CAAP medical exam.

Are admissions ongoing?

Yes, the admission process is ongoing throughout the year.

When is the next batch intake?

We usually have monthly intakes.

Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships at the moment.

How long does the course take?

It varies depending on which program you choose. Our Cadetship Program usually takes 18 to 20 months to finish.

Do you provide student accommodations?

No. But, we can recommend various housing facilities near the school.

Are you open to foreign students?

Yes, we accept foreign students.