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FAA Holds Pop-up Kiosk for Aspiring Students

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As part of the activations leading up to the launch of First Aviation Academy, the school held several pop-up kiosks in Metro Manila to encourage students to sign up. These events began in August of 2018 when they held their first pop-up at the Ayala Malls 30th and concluded last January at the ATC activity center.

It was a well-attended affair, and visitors were able to see firsthand what the First Aviation Academy has to offer. From its curriculum to a rundown on the school’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, guests got a taste of what’s in store for them if they do decide to enroll at FAA.

If you’re interested in becoming global aviation professionals and missed the pop-up, don’t worry! You can send us a message here or on our Facebook page for any inquiries.

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