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Three Things You Can Do with Your Private Pilot License (PPL)

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Having that hard earned Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is every aviator’s goal. But to start with, we must take that small step to acquire the initial license called Private Pilot License or PPL as known to many.

Some would say that you cannot do anything just by having your PPL with you. We strongly disagree. Here the three cool things you can do with your PPL:

  1. LEARN AEROBATICS. Once you have your PPL, taking that adventure flying to the next level is easier by booking an aerobatic lesson with a certified aerobatic flight instructor. Learn some barrel rolls, loops and turns to give you an advantage on the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.

  2. JOIN A FLYING CLUB. Philippines has its share of growing flight clubs where they fly share flight experiences and ideas on how to make the aviation industry stronger especially in the training sector.

  3. BUILD YOUR FLYING HOURS. Take this license as your tool to fly more and build your confidence on the aircraft that you are rated. Remember, the PPL is your stepping stone towards achieving your commercial license so make good use of it by building more flight experiences and mastering your flight and navigation skills.

First Aviation Academy offers modular programs where you can take flight training one step at a time. Visit FAA at Subic Bay International Airport, Subic Freeport Zone to know more about our training.

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